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Teaching piano lessons in Ashburn,  is not a hobby or something I do on the side for extra income.  Providing piano lessons in Ashburn, Leesburg and Sterling VA is my passion, full- time employment and my livlihood.  Studio fees are NOT based upon a PER LESSON CHARGE.  Ashburn piano lesson fees include teaching expertise (I have a BA and MM from accredited universities in the United States, expertise in teaching two different instruments and have been teaching in Virginia for over 15 years.)  There are very few independent traveling piano teachers in Northern Virginia, Ashburn and Loudoun County who have a Master's degree in piano and a BA degree in flute.  I provide a more mature and professional approach to teaching piano due to my expertise and skill in music.  I am also adept in teaching the younger beginner.  I completed a special pedagogy project at George Mason University in which I surveyed several piano methods geared towards the younger beginner.  I devised a special lesson plan that will engage the younger beginner and enhance their learning experience.  I use a variety of method books which enable the younger beginner to learn to read and recognize notes in bass and treble clef on sight. 
Traveling piano teachers in Ashburn, VA charge higher rates than the average home based music teacher because they incur additional expenses related to travel and car maintenance.  For example, studio fees for the Ashburn traveling piano teacher include the actual lesson time as well as travel time, the cost for gas, car maintenance, and E-Z pass tolls.  Ashburn piano lesson fees include membership fees in professional music organizations which grant numerous competitive and non-competitive performance opportunities throughout the year.  Studio fees also include costs associated with renting a recital venue, advertising, attendance at professional pedagogy workshops and masterclasses to enhance my teaching and performance skills.
Additionally, fees for music are factored into the monthly tuition.  All festivals and competitions that I participate in do not allow photocopies.  As a result, I provide students with original compositions and Urtext editions, which are more expensive than the typical method book. 
Lesson fees are paid in advance to traveling piano teachers Ashburn and Ashburn piano teachers on a monthly basis.   The piano lesson fee includes the cost of music books and materials.  Here is the breakdown:

Piano and/or Flute Loudoun Valley Overlook (20166), Ashburn (20147, 20148), Ashburn Farm, Ashburn Village,  Farmwell Hunt, Carisbrooke, Broadlands, Brambleton, The Greens at Belmont, Belmont Greene, The Meadows at Belmont, Belmont Meadows, The Chase at Belmont, Belmont Chase, Belmont Glen, The Ridges at Belmont, Belmont Ridge, The Hunt at Belmont, Belmont Hunt, Moreland Estates, Moorefield Station, The Preserve at Goose Creek, Loudoun Valley, Loudoun Valley Estates, Green Mill Preserve, Evergreen Reserve.
35-minute lesson: Range is from $175-$185  (Offered once per week and available for beginners and students between the ages of 4 and 10) (Lesson fees also include materials such as a movable staff, flash cards, and other aids to assist beginning piano students in learning to read notes in bass and treble clef.)

35-minute lessons per month: $175-$185 per month

40-minute lessons per month: $220-$230 per month

45-minute lesson: $245-$260 per month

60-minute lesson: $280-$300 per month

70-minute lesson: $340-$350 per month

75-minute lesson: $360-$380 per month

90-minute lesson: $400-$420 per month

105-minute lesson: $430-$450 per month

(This is only provided to give you an idea of what I charge.  Due to competitive pricing, I do not list actual prices on my website)
45-minute sessions (2 lessons per month): $170-$180
Adult students must provide at least a 3-month commitment. 

I accept cash, check, credit, debit cards and also use Spark Pay offered through Capital One bank. 
Flute Lesson
Music Lesson
Price: $65.00
Flute Lesson
Music Lesson
Price: $60.00

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