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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Love's Music Lessons
1. Ms. Love is currently offering a 2-month trial starting in June 2013. You will be allowed to experience my teaching style over a series of 8 piano lessons or 8 flute lessons.  There is no obligation to continue after the two-month trial.  However, I guarantee that I will make a difference in your musical experience.  The two-month trial is available for children and adults.  Reservations for the two-month trial are currently being accepted.
2. Love's Music Studio tailors lessons to fit the needs of the individual student.  I have an avid passion for teaching children and adult students to learn how to play the piano and/or flute and develop a joy for music. I focus on classical music, but I can also teach jazz and popular music. I do not follow a set lesson plan although my lessons focus on developing proper technique (firm fingertips and relaxed wrists), learning scales (up to four octaves), chords and cadences, sight-reading and ensemble training. Lessons emphasize specific aspects of piano performance, but are tailored to fit the needs of the particular student I am teaching. I may introduce one classical piece as well as a jazz piece, folk tune, hymn or music that is part of the student's heritage. Overall, I want the student to enjoy music and become passionate about what he or she is playing. I am a classically trained musician with a BA and MM in classical music who can branch out to other genres of music. This differentiates my teaching from other competitors in the area.
3. Love's Music Studio conducts lessons in the privacy of your home. I am a  traveling music teacher, piano teacher and flute teacher who provides piano lessons in homes in Ashburn, Lansdowne, Leesburg (20175, 20176), Potomac Falls (20165) and Great Falls, VA.  In today's declining economy, which includes costly gas prices, traveling music teachers, piano teachers and flute teachers are becoming a necessity.  I save you the stress and hassle of traveling to a music instructor.  I provide quality instruction in a comforting and stress-free environment-your home.
4. Love's Music Lessons, LLC is operated by one individual.  I teach and travel to my own students. Typically, a traveling music company hires students to travel to your home and teach your child.  Often, the instructors don't have a degree in music or in the specific instrument they are teaching.  The instructor is only receiving a fraction of what the music company is charging you.  As a result, the teacher turn over rate is high and the same teacher that you initially hired and met may not be the same teacher instructing your child six months down the road.  A traveling music company's lesson rates tend to be higher than the average independent music teacher.  Since I operate my own business, I have no overhead costs and can offer competitive lesson rates. 
5. Ms. Love is a qualified instructor with a two degree from two accredited universities. I have a Master's degree in piano pedagogy and performance and a BA in flute performance.  I also received a $900 Teacher Enrichment Grant from MTNA in 2004.  Very few traveling music teachers or traveling music companies will provide you with an instructor who has a Master's degree in the specific instrument they are teaching.
6. I am affiliated with professional music organizations. I am a member of a number of professional music organizations that provide recitals, festivals, competitions and scholarships.  I am a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) which holds an annual spring festival in which each piano student  or flute student must memorize and perform two pieces in front of two music adjudicators.  Students receive ratings sheets with constructive feedback on their playing.  Students who receive a "Superior" rating receive a certificate and gain points towards a gold cup.  This is an amazing incentive program.  Students who receive a total of three "Superior" ratings have the opportunity to participate in the Mary Smart Scholarship program.  
Music Teacher's National Association (MTNA)Virginia Music Teacher's Association (VMTA), and Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA).  NVMTA offers several opportunities to perform at George Mason University.  Very few traveling music companies, if any, participate in professional music organizations that offer a number of competitive and non-competitive performance venues.
7. I hold two studio recitals per year. I provide two studio recitals per year in which children and adult students have the opportunity to showcase their talent.  Students have the opportunity to memorize two pieces that they have worked on throughout the year and perform them in front of an audience of friends and family.  What an exciting opportunity to be able to  showcase your piano and/or flute talent in front of a welcoming audience!  Very few traveling music companies offer recitals.
8. I offer piano accompaniment for flute students. Very few flute teachers are accomplished pianists.  I can provide piano accompaniment at a reduced price for every flute student.  I  am familiar with a vast amount of flute repertoire because I performed it in middle school, high school and college.  As a pianist, I understand how the piano part accentuates the flute solo.  It is important to know how both parts intertwine as this enhances and enriches your musical performance.
9.  I offer incentives for adult students.  Very few studios offer performance opportunities for adult students.  In my studio, adult students can perform at the NFMC spring festival.  Adult students can perform two pieces in front of a panel of two judges and do not have to memorize their music.  They receive constructive feedback from adjudicators in their specific instrument and in this way are encouraged to continue playing and developing their talent.  Adult students are also encouraged to participate in one of my studio recitals.
10. I offer a trial lesson before you commit to my studio.
I charge $40 for a 30-minute trial lesson and a 10 to 15-minute interview.  If you require a trial lesson for two individuals, the charge is $70 and includes two 30-minute trial lessons and a 10 to 15-minute interview.I charge $45 for a 45-minute trial lesson  and 10 to 15 minute interview in Virginia.  A 60-minute trial lesson is $55 and also includes a 10-15 minute interview.
The benefit of a trial lesson gives you an opportunity to experience my teaching style and to determine whether I am a good fit for you, your son or daughter.  During the interview, I will provide an assessment of you or your child's piano and/or flute skills, recommend an appropriate lesson plan and discuss my studio policies.  I will also answer any additional questions you may have.  Many traveling music companies advertise that they don't make you sign a lengthy contract.  However, if you are serious about your child's music instruction, would you not want to know about the teacher's studio policy and teaching style before you invest in long-term piano and/or flute lessons? 

© 2010 Shandra Love

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